A Few Words From Some of Joe’s Clients and Colleagues

“I was charged with a DUI and was involved in an injury accident with several prior DUIs. I was facing significant state prison time if I was convicted. My case went to trial. Joe was able to demonstrate that some of the prior convictions were too old to use. In addition, he was able to demonstrate that there were many errors in the police report and I was not under the influence of anything at the time of the accident. The jury found me not guilty.”

-D. Jenkins

“In a word, Joe is awesome. I had two other attorneys before retaining Joe Gazzigli. It appeared to be hopeless. Joe was able to identify sufficient evidence to show I was not guilty and he negotiated with the DA before we even got to trial and the DA actually dismissed the case against me.”

-J. Johnson

“I was accused of sexually assaulting a patient and employee. Joe tried to get the DA to dismiss the case against me because I had been wrongly accused of a criminal act. The DA would not listen so we had no choice but to go to trial. The trial took four days. My fate was in the jury’s hands. The jury came back with a verdict in under an hour. I was found NOT GUILTY! Thanks to Joe Gazzigli, I have my life back again and I can continue to practice in a profession I love. He literally saved my life.”

-D. Jones

“Joe is a lawyer’s lawyer. When the rest of us have a serious issue and need advice, Joe is the attorney we turn to. His mediation skills are excellent and he has tremendous knowledge, the professional experience and the graciousness to share that knowledge when required. The community is better for Joe Gazzigli’s efforts and expertise.”

-R. Simpson

A young woman who was wheelchair-bound and suffering from many disabilities was in a disabled transport van. The van operator failed to strap her into the safety restraints properly. The driver of the van was speeding and took a turn too fast. This caused the young woman and her wheelchair to fly through the open space inside the transport van and severely injury her head, neck, arm and side. She was in critical condition for many, many weeks. She did recover, but was never the same and her family faced millions of dollars in future lifetime medical treatment for injuries she sustained in the accident. We were successful in securing her a significant settlement that paid for all of her medical expenses, pain and suffering, as well as all of her future medical needs. Her mother and father were extremely grateful and said, “We simply don’t know how to thank you for what you have done for our family. You have given us the peace of mind we need to know that our daughter will be cared for long after we are no longer able to help her. We saw other attorneys and none of them really wanted to help us. You took the time to listen to our story and gave our daughter the very best we could hope for.”

-C. Horton