Redding Marijuana Possession Defense Lawyer

Shasta County Medical Marijuana Violation Attorney

Even if you have a prescription for medical marijuana or a license to dispense it, you can still face serious drug charges. You should get experienced legal representation as soon as possible.

My name is Joe Gazzigli, a drug defense attorney who has represented clients in hundreds of drug cases over the years. I am experienced and highly knowledgeable in the constitutional defenses that can result in the dismissal of a drug charge.

My firm aggressively defends people accused of all types of drug charges in state and federal court, including:

I will fight hard to overcome the charges against you. Call my office at 530-241-6900 for a consultation with an experienced Redding marijuana possession defense attorney.

Results-Oriented Representation

As a rule, I will recommend a plea agreement only if other options do not appear likely to produce an acceptable outcome. Whenever possible, I seek to obtain a dismissal of charges.

I will thoroughly examine all aspects of your case, paying particular attention to the means by which the police obtained the evidence against you. If they used unlawful search and seizure techniques, failed to obtain a proper search warrant or made other mistakes during the investigation, it could provide the key to overcoming the charges. Joe Gazzigli, Attorney at Law will fight for your rights and freedom every step of the way.

Do Not Delay

In many cases, I have been able to convince prosecutors not to file charges by pointing out weaknesses in their cases. The best time to do that is early in the legal process, when the prosecutor is still deciding what to do. Get legal help today.

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